How does it work?
You rent a bicycle at Cykelbørsen’s Bike Rental and we place our audio-visual GPS device on your handlebar. You pick your preferred thematic tour and set out on your own Copenhagen discovery in the best possible way – by bike!

Bike the City holder

The tour will take you to a range of destinations, guided by the screen in front of you. At each destination the integrated audio guide will enlighten you on the drama, culture, history and crazy anecdotes of life in Copenhagen.

With our Copenhagen tours you can explore the city at your own pace, snap photos, talk to locals, enjoy lunch or coffee breaks, discover funky shops and enjoy the freedom to stop whereever and whenever you like.

The battery in your GPS-device will last at least five hours, and even longer if you turn it off during breaks.

What are the unique benefits?
• A great guided tour at your own pace. You don’t have to follow a group and you are free to make improvised stops and check out cool side streets along the way.

• Your tour begins when you are ready, just pick up your bike + GPS within our opening hours.

• Original thematic tours that take you beyond the standard tourist experience.

• A fun, innovative and unique way of exploring a city, only in bike-friendly Copenhagen.

• No more “sheep-flock” group appearance. Riding on your own makes it easier to blend in with the locals and experience a more authentic Copenhagen.

• Full day bike rent included. Once your tour is done, you still have the bike for the rest of the day and night. Just bring it back by 10 am the next day.

• More language options. All tours in either Danish, English, French or German.

• The battery gives you a minimum of 5 hours of continuous urban discovery, which makes it possible to take several tours in one day – at no extra cost.

• The tours in English are recorded by former BBC speaker Peter Baker with his clear, warm and enthusiastic voice.

Which languages can I choose?
All tours can be taken in either Danish, English, French or German. You only listen to the language of your choice.

What if I get lost?
Then please enjoy it, you’re in safe and bike-frendly Copenhagen. The tour routes are only suggestions – we actually encourage you to improvise. If you stray from the route the GPS will always show you the shortest way to get back on track.

Bike the City tour

Can I book in advance?
Bookings are not necessary unless you are group of five persons or more. Should you want to make a booking anyway, please drop us a note using our contact form.. Please make a booking if you require children’s bikes or seats.

Do you also do personally guided tours?
Occasionally yes, if you are a group of at least 8 persons. Please send a request using our contact form.

Can I use my own bicycle, or one rented in a different place?
Unfortunately not. We only rent out GPS-devices along with our own bicycles.

Can I download your tours to my own smartphone?
There are a number of reasons why this is not possible, mainly that we like to ensure a great and safe experience for all our visitors. Should you use your own smartphone, how would you hold it safely while cycling?
We provide a specially designed holder for the GPS-unit that shades against sun, protects against rain and even contains a magnifying lens to improve screen visibility. This way you can keep both hands on the bike and remain safe for yourself and others.

Can I bring my kids?
In short: yes! We have a limited number of children’s bikes and children’s seats available. The narrations along the tours are mostly aimed at an adult audience, but the Nørrebro Tour passes by four local playgrounds and is a success with children.

I’m not used to cycle in a city – is it dangerous?
Copenhagen is probably the world’s most bike-friendly capital, and car drivers are used to the thousands of cyclists in the streets. There are bike paths in most streets, special bicycle traffic lights at intersections and other details that makes cycling a safe transport mode. Our routes are all placed along bike-friendly streets. Get an impression of Copenhagen’s bike-friendly traffic culture from this short film:here.

Thankfully, Danish law does not require you to wear a bicycle helmet, but we have them available for rent if you want. We always recommend helmets for children and provide them free or charge to your kids.

Where are you located?
Find us at Cykelbørsen’s bike rental in Gothersgade 157 (see map at right). We’re 400 meters / 5 min. walk from Nørreport station – the busiest metro/train station in Copenhagen.

Other questions?
Please send us an email, using our contact form.

Try it yourself!

Copenhagen ..probably the world’s most bike-friendly city. See why: Get more impressions from bike-friendly Copenhagen here

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“This was the best bike tour I have ever taken… If you only do one activity in Copenhagen. Make sure this is it!”

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What is Bike the City?

With our audio-visual GPS device on your bike, you can explore Copenhagen at your own pace, while listening to in-depth stories about the city’s colourful life and history.

Our Copenhagen bike tours are individual, give you the freedom to go as you like and in the company of your choice. Now you can take your time, meet locals, take breaks when you wish and improvise as you go.


Également en français !
Our tours are now available in French. Bring your French connections along and let them explore Copenhagen while feeling just like home!