Nørrebro bike tour

Visit colourful Nørrebro

Take a ride deep into Copenhagen’s most vibrant, multi-ethnic and densely populated district.
Full day bike rent included.

10 km / 13 destinations / 2-3 hours

Learn about the district’s vibrant life, it’s working class history and its gradual transformation into the hip and cosmopolitan neighbourhood you can enjoy today.

Along the tour you will visit and learn about the world’s busiest bicycle street, the cemetery that doubles as a public chill-out garden, Nørrebro’s coolest shopping streets and innovative and experimental public spaces. Visit both classic and less known Nørrebro-destinations such as the district’s largest green courtyard, the Super Wedge, Bananna Park, Ground 69 and many more.

Length and duration: This tour is 10 km long and will guide you to 13 exiting destinations. Plan to spend 2-3 hours, depending on how many stops and improvisations you make.

Most visitors to the city will choose to pause at one of more of the destinations along the tour. The tour can therefore easily become a full-day trip.

The battery in your audio-visual GPS device will give you a minimum of 5 hours continuous use. You can extend the battery life by switching off the GPS device whenever you take a break.

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