How to register in ROFUS?

Gambling can be a part of entertainment but when it becomes a serious game then it ruins your life without knowing. If you don’t want to put your life in trouble there you have to take steps to get you out from those gambling activities. There are several organizations and sites which are ready to help you from getting you out of gambling one among those sites is ROFUS. This ROFUS is created to help the Danish gamblers. When a Danish gambler becomes a problem gambler there they can help them by enrolling in ROFUS through this they can prevent them from performing gambling activities.


Below is the content which explains you about registering in ROFUS with NemID;

Anyone can register themself to the ROFUS with their NemID and when you have registered in this ROFUS for self-exclusion you cannot participate in any gambling activities. Usually, the gamblers get two kinds of options while they are registering to ROFUS that is permanent exclusion or temporary exclusion. Here if you have done with permanent exclusion you cannot involve in gambling permanently but still, you can request the DGA to remove your name from the register. In case, if you have done with temporary exclusion until a certain period you cannot involve in gambling and you can check the date in the register. But whenever you want you can renew the temporary as well as the permanent exclusion as much time you want.


It is not almost possible registering in ROFUS without NemID because with your NemID only the ROFUS saves data about you, the ROFUS registration giving hands to those problem gamblers to come out of gambling addiction.

While you are thinking about registration with ROFUS you have to get to know how to get register with them so that the process becomes easy, so get to know about it in the priory.


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